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It has become apparent that I must be more strict with my servants. My morning bath was positively tepid this Saturday last, and the incompetent oaf that selected the scent for it completely missed the affect of "calm machismo" that I require. His disciplining utterly ruined the carpet in my chamber, not to mention my favorite dressing gown. The entire fiasco had me in a foul mood all afternoon.

One could almost pity the court herald that forgot my specific instructions regarding the reading of the new taxes that evening. However, given my turn of mind at the time, he might have lost far more than just the smallest finger of his left hand. This way, he remains useful, and a good deal more assiduous in his duties.

It was just as well that the Queen was away on her own business. I sense that she has begun to disapprove of my methods. It also gave me time to replace the carpet.