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My agents have been warning me of this bandit for some time. Some reports indicate that a portion of the new tax revenues are being "diverted" somehow. However, it seems that my recent successes, and the apparent lassitude of these people, have made me complacent. The people have evidently dubbed the thief "Gray Thorne". Appropriate enough I suppose, given the pain he has caused me. Yet he has thus far remained a minor distraction, an annoying discomfort to be plucked out when larger matters were less immediate.

But this latest move is too bold to be ignored. Robbed in my own court! The gall! The unmitigated arrogance! Add to this the Queen staying my hand when her guards failed to capture him, might undermine the people's belief in my absolute authority. It cannot be allowed to continue. I have issued warnings to the Chivalry that if this criminal is not brought before me, and made to feel my wrath, there will be dire consequences.