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At last a clue has come to me. I am convinced now that the arrogance of this Gray Thorne will eventually be his undoing. He thinks he can actually strike and distribute coins within MY realm? This is a further indicator that this perpetrator is no mere disgruntled peasant. His resources are obviously greater than I originally believed, but this only narrows the list of suspects. And now I have someone whom I can question directly. I shall have to instruct those who are currently conducting the interrogation to control their zeal. He must survive to reveal all he knows.

The chivalry have proved typically useless in their charge to find this dastard. I should be less surprised, I suppose, that their prowess on the field and general integrity renders them a bit too un-subtle to mount an effective investigation. I shall have to rely on my more unorthodox sources and reserve the knights for a time when a blunter instrument would be more suitable. Still, berating them publicly was indubitably satisfying and I suspect went some ways toward impressing the populace with their unquestioning obedience. After all, if they are supposed to stand as an example to the people, let them be an example of THAT! HA!