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An infuriating attempt to extort the Crown for money occurred. If that were not bad enough, this "Idiota d'Italia" had the towering temerity to interrupt my court to do so! I was able, fortunately, to pass off this bumpkin's antics as an amusing distraction. They all laughed politely when I ordered his execution. Fools. But it turned out just as well. Upon brief reflection it occurred to me that such a brilliant, but befuddled mind might be of further use. Not the least of which will be the deciphering of his already prolific imaginings.

More mutterings are being heard of this gray-cloaked bandit. It appears he has gone beyond mere thievery and is purporting himself to be some kind of social philosopher. We shall see how his philosophy serves him when my trackers run the brigand down. He can spout his seditious nonsense from my deepest dungeon cell!

Well, perhaps not the deepest. Wouldn't do to crowd the current occupant would it? Ha. HA HA!